How To Become Your Man’s Goddess In The Bedroom

What if I also told you that you’d NEVER again have to worry about him getting bored or having eyes for other women because he’d be SO addicted to you inside AND out of the bedroom!?

But what if I told you that THOUSANDS of women just like you have started at “yeah right” and ended up at “holy S**T!” within HOURS of visiting this site?

But wait… How are you going to find out about all the wild fantasies, embarrassing quirks, and secret weaknesses men have?

You might think he’s telling you everything he wants from a woman, but trust me, he’s not. He’s too embarrassed and worried about hurting your feelings.

Hm… Maybe they have plenty of advice but it’s not very helpful because they’re not men. So how do they KNOW it works?? They don’t.

And don’t get me started on those women’s magazines! No man has EVER come to me and said “Hey Evan, my girlfriend learned some amazing new techniques from Cosmo!” Nope.

More like “Cosmo told my girlfriend that I’d like it if she bit down during oral sex… And it was awful!” (That’s REAL advice from Cosmo – I’m not making that up!)

Alright so there’s no one to turn to for honest-to-goodness, straight-from-the-horse’s-mouth advice on EXACTLY what men want in their dream woman … Is there?

I felt like, in each relationship I was taking the time to learn about her wants and needs faster than she was learning about mine. This created a disconnect where we just didn’t see eye to eye on most things, eventually drifting apart.

After each failed relationship I learned something new about what to do…

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