Jet Company’s New Luxury Pet Program Includes In-Flight Dog Treats Made by Michelin-Starred Chef

VistaJet wants to turn the fearful skies into the friendly skies for pet owners everywhere.

Amidst news of airline pet snafus and in-flight dog deaths, the aviation company has launched an alternate option for owners who want to fly with their pets.

The global business aviation company, which offers membership flights and one-off flights on their fleet of 70 jets, introduced VistaPet on Wednesday. The program is designed to “ensure all passengers feel welcome – even if they are four-legged,” the company said.

VistaJet decided to start the program after noticing an increase in the number of animals flown over the past two years, including a rise in the number of VistaJet members traveling with their pets.

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To provide the safety they promise, VisaJet collaborated with veterinarians, groomers and trainers to carefully tackle the issues pets face in-flight.

“The most comfortable journey with a pet starts with a simplified booking service, continues with a happy and uneventful flight, and ends at a pet friendly destination,” VistaJet said in a statement.

For the safety of each animal on board, VistaPet helps pet owners figure out the pet regulations that apply to their destination and what vaccinations, permits and other information is required for travel. The program also offers fear of flying courses for dogs who are unsure about the new sensations that come with plane travel.

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VistaPet isn’t just about keeping pets safe, it wants to pamper them as well. The program offers plenty of goodies for pets, including well-balanced meals, treats created by Michelin-starred chef Michel Roux, grooming products, toys and a comfy sleep mat.

Regulations require that pets flying VistaJet be in a carrier or on a leash during take-off and landing, but pets are allowed to be unrestrained in the owner’s lap for the rest of the flight.

To learn more about VistaPet program, including what is costs to get your pet on board, visit VistaJet’s website.


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