Kalashnikov Unveils The Electric CV-1 Concept, AK-47s Not Included

Russia’s Kalashnikov is best known for making the legendary AK-47, but the company has just unveiled the CV-1 concept at the Army 2018 International Military Technical Forum in Kubinka.

Looking decidedly retro, the CV-1 concept is an electric vehicle which is based on the IZH-21252 Kombi that was built between 1973 and 1997. Despite the old school styling, the car has a handful of subtle styling touches which indicate this isn’t your ordinary IZH.

Staring up front, the concept has been equipped with a new grille and six LED lighting units. Moving further back, there are heavily tinted windows and lightweight wheels with a white finish. The model also has tinted taillights and an electric charging port beneath the rear hatch.

Kalashnikov was coy on technical specifications, but the company said the concept has “several original systems” developed by the group. These apparently include a 90 kWh modular battery pack, a high-speed charging system and a “revolutionary inverter.”

Kalashnikov didn’t say how many electric motors the car has or how power they produce, but the company confirmed the concept can accelerate from 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) in six seconds. In terms of range, drivers can expect to travel 217 miles (350 km) between recharges.

While the concept is interesting enough by itself, one report suggests Kalashnikov is aiming to produce electric vehicles. According to RBC, Kalashnikov spokesperson Sophia Ivanova said “We are talking about competing precisely with Tesla because, at present, it is a successful project in the field of electric vehicles.” When asked about that comment, Ivanova reportedly couldn’t name any advantages the CV-1 concept has over Tesla vehicles.

Assuming the report is correct, it appears any production model wouldn’t be based on the IZH-21252.  Instead, Kalashnikov says they are using the model as a “test bench” for car’s complex electrical systems.


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