Mom Was Trying To Treat Her Epilepsy, But What She Did Could Put Her In Jail

For some, financial hardships make it difficult to afford medical care.

For the uninsured in the United States, medical costs are much, much higher than for those who are insured. A person who can’t afford health insurance often can’t afford the huge markups on medication if they happen to contract an illness. That’s what happened to Erica Tucker.

Mom of five children, Tucker discovered in 2014 that she had epilepsy after a terrifying seizure. She didn’t have health insurance so she and her husband couldn’t afford the medicine she was prescribed, which would cost $325 per month.

That’s when Tucker made the choice to self-medicate with marijuana, smoking a few times a day to curb her seizures.

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The loving wife and mother’s seizures got so bad she had to leave her job as a Bible school teacher. The marijuana helped, but she still found herself in the hospital.

She was honest with her doctors about her cannabis use, but because she was breastfeeding her youngest child at the time, they called Child Protective Services.

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