Muay Thai Self Defense – Muay Thai Self Defense

How a Hall Of Fame Martial Artist and professional bodyguard created a specialized self-defense system that teaches anyone to be able to shut down and prevent an attack against them or potential fight 99% of the time.  A real life proven and effective system for the modern man, woman and child for today’s unpredictable streets.

Does it make you uneasy or nervous every time you watch the news or open the newspaper and learn about another senseless attack, beating, mugging or carjacking?

Did you know according to the FBI there were 724,149 aggravated assaults in 2013?  That is one every 43 seconds.

Do you wish life could be turned back to the way it used to be where you didn’t have to worry about getting mugged, attacked in your local shopping center parking lot or worse yet robbed and injured for the $20 in your wallet.

Then I hope you read every word of this letter because the secrets contained inside could protect your life forever.

In fact I love teaching others how to reverse the role when a predator comes after them thus making the predator the victim.  Especially those who feel rape, home invasion, car jackings, muggings, hurting others, etc is OK to do.

“How I Went From A Dead Broke Mixed Martial Arts Fighter To A World Renowned Expert on Self Defense and Personal Protection”

My fight career was going well as I traveled the world to countries that didn’t even speak my language and fought their natives.  It was at a time when mixed martial arts was still banned in almost every state and the pay was pennies compared to what it is like today.  So while I was enjoying my profession as a fighter I was also dead broke and…

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