New Job. Wireless specialist or general networking tech?

I hope I'm writing this in the right place.. Apologies if not.

I have been working in IT Support for the last 7 years and have decided to make the jump into Networking. I took a month out of employment to focus on attaining the CCNA and am taking the CCENT this friday.

I am very fortunate and have been offered 2 jobs as a Junior Network Engineer. Both are for fairly small MSP's.

One is extremely close to me and offering 23k (gbp) with a further 1.5k on-call once I enter the shift rota in around 6 months. This one will primarily involve fixing copper broadband lines and taking calls for new issues and faults.

The second is around 20 miles away and offering 20k, which they have guaranteed will increase to 23k in 6 months. This one specialises in Wireless, utilising Ruckus etc. I need to consider the travel with this one as it would cost around 2k per annum. They have agreed to assist in Wireless related certifications.

I'm wondering whether to go down the Wireless route or whether to stick to slightly more money and less travel but fixing lines and engaging with more basic issues. Either are new to me at this point.

I'd appreciate any advice you could offer. Thanks in advance.

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