One change, leads to two changes, leads to three changes….leads to a new me?



Ya'll have been the most inspiring people for me. I read every day, I've posted one other time…but man.

I was always the fat girl. I did sports, still the fat girl. I was just slightly less fat at different points in my life. I've never been the skinny girl. I met my husband, who had a really difficult childhood (no guarantees on food, where the food would come from, etc) so I've always tried to make sure that we had as much food as we'd ever want….because that's how I grew up (and why I was so fat) and I wanted him to feel 'safe' that way too.

What that lead to is my skin and bones husband [18/5'9/124] doubling in size over 9 years. I'd put on about 70 pounds in the same amount of time. I was always fat, but I had a lot of complications from surgeries (gall bladder, tonsils) about a year before I met him – so I met him at my lowest weight (since I was probably in 7th grade). It's been a rollercoaster.I'm finally here, we did keto at the end of 2017 for a few months – lost 20 pounds each, couldn't sustain keto and gained it back.

January 5th, something clicked. My best friend had visited us from FL in December, at Christmas, and she has lost about 80 pounds…It sounds weird but I've had huge, massive, life achievements every year for the past few years….with nothing planned (wedding, major job change, graduating college w/ master's, buying a house) – I thought maybe weight loss would be 2019. I got a Fitbit charge 3, that spurred on the change…along with a 67 year old friend who lapped my on the Fitbit achievements weekly. I decided that was it. I was done. I was going to change for real this time.

I've gotten off my ass, I do my share of chores (which I never, really have, I got winded and tired and didn't want to), I've started taking care of my skin (trying, it's way more of a PITA than I was skinnier with flawless skin back in the day!), started making changes to things outside of weight loss.

It's lead me here, 90 days, almost 30 pounds….and I'm proud. My husband who started pulling my old clothes out of donation bags (that had just, not made it when we moved) and put them off to the side since it looks like I'll start seeing them soon!

Thanks for reading, thanks for the Inspo…and thanks for being an amazing group. Here's to the other 45+ I aim to lose! Here's a picture, I'll post some more after I go to Disney World at the event of the month and come back with a slew of comparison pictures 😉 Stick with it, I promise, it's worth it. CICO works if you work it. I did, it's changing me than just my weight…it's changing ME.

TL:DR: Lost weight, stopping being lazy, started taking better care of my skin/life, happier.

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