Overcome Bulimia – The Complete Bulimia Nervosa Treatment Guide

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You don’t think about it too much. You just do it. Is it the guilt, is it the shame? By the time you start to think about it, binging is in full force. You feel like crying out in anger and frustration, but it doesn’t help at all. And then comes the purging. Relieving, addictive as hell with no way to stop it once it starts going. Are you sick? Are you damaged beyond repair? You don’t know, you don’t care, but the guilt and shame pile up due to which you binge again and the cycle repeats itself.

How did you get here? Was it ‘friendly’ advice? Did that guy tell you were FAT? You just couldn’t stand looking at yourself in the mirror? It doesn’t matter, because the end result is still the same. It’s an endless Vicious Cycle Of Bulimia from which you can’t step out.

These words seem ripped straight out of some psycho babble manual. Other people don’t understand, but for you it’s real, maybe the only real thing in your life. It seems hopeless, it seems like you have no escape and it all seems to be getting worse.

15 Seconds, that’s All. Take a deep breath and imagine. Here’s the deal. One month from now you could be well on your way to a life without this binging/purging crap. Because no matter how you try to put it, this condition is hurting you. Badly. Each and every day, you go through a very personal hell; a hell no one should ever experience. And, yes, it is possible. You can put all this behind you like a bad dream, and be free. The journey might take a little while, true, but…

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