Spring for This! Home Depot Is Selling Cherry Blossom Trees for $39 Right Now

The Home Depot is selling very affordable cherry blossom trees — just in time for their beautiful bloom.

The home improvement giant is offering Kwanzan Cherry Blossom Trees, which are two-year-old saplings for $39 right now.

The trees range anywhere between three and four feet tall when they ship, according to a Home Depot spokesperson, as some tend to be shorter with denser branches, while others grow taller with longer, thinner branches.

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At their maturity, a Kwanzan Cherry Blossom Tree typically reaches a height between 30 and 40 feet and shows off beautiful pink flowers during its full bloom. A note for the unfamiliar: Cherry blossom trees do not actually bear their namesake fruit.

Before you just purchase this tree and plant it in your backyard, the Tree Center has a few gardening tips to remember, including that although they are “adaptable” to many different soil types, these plants prefer to grow in acidic soils that are well-drained and not overly wet.

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They also recommend that you water a cherry blossom tree once a week for 30 minutes (or to a depth of 18 inches) for the first season, and once every two to three weeks once it’s established.

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According to the center, cherry blossom trees are flexible in their planting areas, and can be exposed to full sun, partial shade or mostly shade to grow. So almost every back yard can share in their springtime spectacle.

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