Summer Reads: An Inside Look into Chapters 1-3 of Crystal Muse

Kick off your summer reading list with Crystal Muse! Most of us have a book that we’ve been meaning to read, but never get to. If Crystal Muse is that book for you, motivate yourself to dive in by joining our crystal book club. We’re taking the book section by section, so that we can read and discuss it together.

Let’s start with chapters 1-3 of Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You: These chapters are filled with all of the crystal basics—from learning how to cleanse your crystals and purify your space, to understanding the different crystal shapes. You might have felt inclined to skip these chapters so that you could get to the other rituals quicker, but the information shared in these chapters is actually what gets you the lasting results.

This knowledge is the foundation for your crystal practice. Even if you don’t do the crystal rituals, and you only use your crystals to get grounded or set intentions, you’ll still need this info to cleanse and program your stones. So it’s a good thing you read these chapters! Now let’s recap:

Chapter 1: My AHA Moment with Crystals

Sound familiar?

A lot of people think Heather Askinosie, co-founder of Energy Muse and author of Crystal Muse, has had a journey with crystals that they can’t relate to. But really, her story with crystals began like many others. She had a great job, a nice house, a loving community of family and friends, but still felt something was missing.

One day she walked into a store filled with trinkets, and found herself drawn to an amethyst crystal on the counter. It was the immediate connection and sense of peace she felt while holding the stone that lead her to pursue more information about crystals. Nearly three decades later, and she’s still on that same mission!

Now, we have a question for you: What was your crystal aha moment? Share with us and comment below! 
Chapter 2: Crystal Crash Course

Let’s face it, crystals don’t come with an owner’s manual. Knowing exactly how to use your crystal can be tricky. This chapter has everything you really need to know about working with crystals, so you can stop hesitating and just START!

We learned that when it comes to crystal shapes, the energy of the stone doesn’t differ, but your experience with that stone may.

So if you want a relaxed and balanced crystal meditation, go with the crystal sphere.

If you want to surround yourself with love, choose a crystal heart.

For those looking to focus their energy on manifestation, you’ll want a crystal point.

To get grounded in your root chakra, you’ll likely want a crystal cube.

Or to infuse your space with high-vibes in every direction, place a crystal cluster in the room.

And to have a constant flow of crystal energy all day, carry a tumbled stone.

But, it’s not enough to just have the crystal. If you want results, you have to give your crystal a job. This is called setting an intention, or programming your crystal. To do this, you first have to understand the area of your life that you would like to focus on. Be specific about what you would like to change. Holding the stone in your hands, state your intention out loud, using affirmative words in the present tense. For example, an intention to create more abundance could be: I am a money magnet. Money flows into my life easily and effortlessly.

The opposite of affirmative words, are passive words. Don’t begin your intention with I wish, or I hope. Will it into existence by visualizing and stating it as your present truth. It isn’t a wish. It’s an intention.

Another question for you: After you did the crystal test, which crystals did you select? What intention will you be setting with them? Share with us and comment below! 

Summer Reads: An Inside Look into Chapters 1-3 of Crystal Muse

Chapter 3: Space Clearing

Let’s be clear…

Yes, you really do have to cleanse your space AND your crystal. Instead of thinking of it as an extra step, think of the purifying process as an opportunity to remove excess negativity from your life. It just feels better when you can come home to an energetically uplifted and cleansed space. And it’s the same with your crystal. Working with a crystal that doesn’t have anyone else’s energy attached to it, and is ready to begin a new journey with you, helps to keep you clear on what intention you’re trying to manifest.          

Tools you can use to cleanse your space and stone, include:

Sage for purifying your space
Frankincense for clearing, providing protection and elevating spiritual awareness
Palo Santo to bring blessings to your space
Sea Salt to absorb negative and unwanted energy
Sound from bells, chants or claps

Times to cleanse, include:

Post breakup, or if there has been a bad luck streak recently
Moving into a new space
If someone has been sick, or if you’re grieving a loss
After an argument
If you’ve had a party or large group within the home
If the space feels heavy or stagnant

The last question for you: What tool are you most excited to try cleansing with? Share with us and comment below! 

Next up: We’ll be diving into chapters 4 and 5 to learn more about meditating with crystals and going within.

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