Homeless Man Goes To The Hospital, Staff Soon Realize That He’s Not Alone

December 15, 2018

Hospital staff bear witness to some of the most intense and dramatic situations, saving and losing lives is a daily occurrence for these everyday heroes. With such a physically and emotionally draining occupation, it must come as a great relief to experience moments of pure and simple joy such as this one, shared by Brazilian nurse Cris Mamprim. Image credits: Cris Mamprim The scene unfolded at Hospital Regional Alto Vale,…


Overweight Teenager Surprises Everyone By Losing 139 Lbs To Fit Into Her Formal Dress

November 12, 2018

People want to lose weight for a variety of reasons. From the obvious health benefits it brings, to simply looking good in a certain outfit, the motivation to drop the junk food and shed those excess pounds is a step in the right direction. For Aussie teenager Josie Desgrand it was Instagram. At 16 years old and already tipping the scales at 127kg, she knew that something had to change….


24-Year-Old Dominant Gorilla Meets A Tiny Creature In The Forest, And His Reaction Is Priceless

September 2, 2018

Ape Action Africa, a non-profit dedicated to the conservation of endangered gorillas, chimpanzees, and monkeys, was founded in 1996, but their ape inhabitants are still finding new ways to surprise these experienced caregivers. Recently, Bobo, a Western Lowland Gorilla that was rescued by the organization in the same 1996, made a new friend, and their relationship is probably the most unusual you could imagine. “On his morning checks, our gorilla…


NASA Is Preparing This Girl To Become The First Human On Mars And She’s Only 17

July 13, 2018

People have been fascinated with “the final frontier” since the dawn of the day when space travel became possible, if not before. With movies like Star Trek and Star Wars being at the peak of popularity and the global reaction to Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket launch, the interest in colonization outside of our planet has never been higher. But while some of us only dream of space travel, one girl…