Chinese Food, American Style

It is often a standing joke that what Americans consider to be Chinese food is totally of our own making, and cooks and diners in China would find them completely foreign (like chop suey – what on earth is that?). But somewhere along the line, Chinese food was adapted from our Asian immigrants, Americanized and became wildly popular, not only as a take-out but served buffet-style and sit-down as well….

April 1, 2020

North American Motoring – What Happens When the Electric Grid Goes Down?

"The more you prepare, the better off you are going to be, even if you haven't quite anticipated the thing that happens", former Mayor of New York City, Rudi Giuliani. Ever wonder what would happen if one major part of the country is without electricity and the rest of the country has power? Imagine your motoring through an area without power. All you want to do is get to the…

March 26, 2020