The Photographer’s Ephemeris Reviewed

December 16, 2018

Photography is pretty much about the light and being prepared for the right moment, but there are some genres that require some extra planning and a few extra resources. Landscape and astrophotography are usually the genres that demand more patience than any other (besides wildlife photography!). Photo by Linhao Zhang Many great shots made in the outdoors require some previous scouting, and even a calendar and some math to spot…


19 photos of Navy SEALs doing what they do best

July 17, 2018

US Navy As America’s elite, U.S. Navy SEALs are constantly called for operations around the globe. With a motto of “the only easy day was yesterday,” the average day in the life of a SEAL is usually anything but. Whether they are deploying to global hotspots, honing new skills in some of the military’s toughest schools, or going through training evolutions stateside, SEALs learn to be ready for anything. Here are 19 photos showing what they do best around the…