The Little Albion Guest House in Australia Combines Two Different Eras of Sydney

August 26, 2018

Nestled on Sydney’s thriving hub of Surry Hills in Australia is the Little Albion Guest House, a new boutique hotel designed by Cressida Kennedy of Space Control Design in collaboration with Connie Alessi for 8 Hotels. The design team transformed the historic 1900’s Federation-built convent into a 35-room hotel complete with a new adjacent architectural extension and interiors that reflect the design aesthetics of Sydney from the 1920s and 1970s….


People Are Harassing Government MPs With Hilarious Apple iMessages

June 12, 2018

MPs are linking their work emails to Apple devices. UPDATE: attorney general George Brandis de-links email from work account. Software engineer Justin Simon discovered that it was possible to send an iMessage to Australia’s attorney general George Brandis on Sunday. brandis has iMessage — wordsonaplatfrm (@justin s) Simon appeared to enter in Brandis’ publicly available work email, ‘’, in the iMessage app and discovered he had linked it to his…


Sorry Everyone, But Sydney’s Skyline Actually Sucks

June 6, 2018

No, really. It sucks. 1. Thrillist has recently ranked the 20 best skylines from cities around the world… and Sydney has been named number one. View this image › Flickr: nickwu78 / Via Creative Commons 2. Seriously… someone decided that this sparse skyline is better than New York City, Dubai, Shanghai and Chicago. View this image › Flickr: jiaren / Via Creative Commons 3. REALLY?!?!   4….