Honda unveils a Ridgeline x UTV mash-up at SEMA called the Open Air Concept Vehicle

November 4, 2018

Honda Rugged Open Air Vehicle Concept for 2018 SEMA Show. Photo: Honda While the Honda Ridgeline may not exactly evoke scenes of gravity-defying jumps and gag-inducing dirt plumes, the automaker’s off-road build revealed at this week’s SEMA show in Las Vegas certainly looks like it’s on its way to earning a dirty pedigree that would make any truck maker proud. Created as an attempt to dream up what “the ultimate…


The United Kingdom May Leave The EU, But What Does That Mean For The Rest Of Us?

April 4, 2017

On June 23, 2016, the United Kingdom will hold a referendum to decide whether or not it will remain in the European Union. There have been rumblings of such a referendum for quite some time now, but Prime Minister David Cameron, under extreme pressure from conservative politicians across the U.K., has officially announced that they will begin work to decide whether or not they should keep their place in the…