These card games for Android will rock your world

February 7, 2019

Classic card games and fantasy card worlds on your Android phone? Yes, please! For some, card games are the ultimate way to relax. Killing time on your morning commute or unwinding at the end of your day playing cards can now all happen on your phone, which is fantastic. You can play solo or face opponents in virtual game rooms anytime, day or night, in casino-style games or fantasy card…


Credit Card Thief Stopped by Porta Potty

January 27, 2019

This credit card thief thought she was slick, but turns out that the porta potty was one step ahead. WATCH FULL EPISODES: SUBSCRIBE: Watch our latest pranks! Watch more JFL Gags! Kid Pranks!: Food Pranks!: Cop Pranks!: Newest Videos: Best Pranks of 2018!: Just for Laughs Gags Across the Internet: Visit our store: JFL Comedy: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:…