Goldman-Backed Apple Card Restricts Cryptocurrency Purchases

August 7, 2019

Cryptocurrencies cannot be purchased with the new Apple credit card according to the American multinational technology company’s recently published customer agreement guidelines. The Apple card’s restrictions indicate that the company’s partner, Goldman Sachs, is leery toward cryptocurrencies and other “cash equivalents” like lottery tickets and casino chips. Also Read: Banks Stopped Walmart Bank – Now the Retail Giant Hits Back With Crypto No Crypto Purchases With the Goldman Sachs Backed…


10,000 American Cryptocurrency Owners Will Receive Warning Letters From the IRS

July 28, 2019

On July 26, the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced that the tax agency has started sending letters to American cryptocurrency owners advising them to pay their taxes. According to the organization, three types of letters will be sent to more than 10,000 taxpayers by the end of August. The news follows the recent IRS taskforce slide that shows alarming recommendations on how tax agents should investigate digital currency users….


How 10 Countries Respond to Facebook’s Libra Cryptocurrency

July 12, 2019

A growing number of governments have responded to Facebook’s cryptocurrency plans including China, France, India, Japan, South Korea, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, the U.K., and the U.S. Several intergovernmental organizations have also weighed in such as the European Central Bank and the Bank of International Settlements. Also read: G20 Leaders Issue Declaration on Crypto Assets – A Look at Their Commitments Facebook’s Libra Project Facebook unveiled its plans last month for…


110 Crypto Exchanges Want to Launch in Japan – A Look at Recent Changes

July 10, 2019

Following G20 meetings, where Japan led several discussions regarding crypto assets, the country’s top financial regulator told that 110 crypto exchanges are now interested in launching in Japan. The country recently passed a new cryptocurrency bill, and some approved crypto trading platforms have undergone changes. Also read: G20 Leaders Issue Declaration on Crypto Assets – A Look at Their Commitments 110 Exchanges Want to Enter Japanese Crypto Space Under…