Pamper Your Pup With Presents Even You’d Want To Use. I’m A Little Jealous.

June 8, 2018

Dogs can enjoy the finer things in life, too. And why shouldn’t they? Sure, all they do is eat, sleep, and play, but they also bring unquantifiable amounts of love and joy to every dog owner’s life. They deserve more than the occasional belly rub. This year, don’t forget your doggie while making your list and checking it twice. Any of these items will bring a smile to your pup’s snout….


Proof That Working At Animal Hospitals, Shelters, And Rescues Is The Best Job

May 31, 2018

I love my job. I mean, who wouldn’t? I get to write about puppies, kittens, inspiring stories, travel destinations…you name it! But that doesn’t mean I don’t have serious job-envy of others. No, I’m not talking about people who earn millions or travel the world for a living (though that is up there)…instead, I am über-jealous of those who work at animal hospitals, shelters, and rescues. While the work is…


This Doggy Duo Is Basically Everything That’s Right With The World

April 12, 2017

They say family and friends come in all shapes and sizes. You can’t really go into meeting someone expecting to make a lasting friendship with them. When the chemistry is right, things just magically click. This sort of instant connection can make for some pretty interesting pairs. And that doesn’t just go for humans. Doggy pals Blizzard and Lulu are proof that when it comes to friendship, it doesn’t matter…