Here Are Some Translation Fails That Will Make You Glad You Speak English Good

June 9, 2018

Anyone that ever had to fill a language credit in college and innocently said, “Well, I’ll just learn Chinese!” knows how horrendously hard Chinese is to translate to English and vice versa.  Here are some examples of when that language gap hurts the most. Even another four semesters abroad couldn’t save these guys. Your Mel Gibson DVDs simply will not work here. Probably the grossest way to describe a number…


Sorry Everyone, But Sydney’s Skyline Actually Sucks

June 6, 2018

No, really. It sucks. 1. Thrillist has recently ranked the 20 best skylines from cities around the world… and Sydney has been named number one. View this image › Flickr: nickwu78 / Via Creative Commons 2. Seriously… someone decided that this sparse skyline is better than New York City, Dubai, Shanghai and Chicago. View this image › Flickr: jiaren / Via Creative Commons 3. REALLY?!?!   4….