44 Hilarious Fake Gift Boxes That Will Seriously Confuse Your Friends

December 17, 2018

Holiday season is almost here, so we are all out and about trying to find the best gift for our loved ones. But sometimes, even though we found just the things that they asked for, we realize that it is next to impossible to wrap them! Of course, we can always get a box from the customer service counter, but where’s the fun in that? After all, we want to…


Best Wedding Gifts for Friends- Here Are Some Options to Choose From

December 2, 2018

Whether it’s a distant relative or a colleague getting married or a super close friend, you must go with a gift. However, what you decide to give the couple (or just the person you know) depends largely on how well acquainted you are with them and of course, your own budget too! In some cases, you know the bride or groom (or both) too well to worry about thinking what…