Why Rent Control Doesn’t Work (Ep. 373)

April 16, 2019

In the U.S., median rent has doubled since the 1990’s, outpacing inflation. Politicians and the public think rent control is the solution. Spoiler alert: it’s not. (Photo: Caelie Frampton) As cities become ever-more expensive, politicians and housing advocates keep calling for rent control. Economists think that’s a terrible idea. They say it helps a small (albeit noisy) group of renters, but keeps overall rents artificially high by disincentivizing new construction….


I’m 30 & This Is How Much I Spent On My 15-Day Honeymoon To Spain

February 27, 2019

Welcome to Away Game, a Refinery29 series where we tag along as real millennial women embark on trips around the world and track their travel expenses down to the last cent. Here, we offer a detailed, intimate account of when, where, and how our peers spend their vacation days and disposable income: all the meals, adventures, indulgences, setbacks, and surprises. This week’s travel diary: A 30-year-old costume designer eats her…


10 Tools for Getting Work Done on Long Plane Rides

February 12, 2019

There are two ways to think of your next flight. Either it’s a great respite from never-ending push notifications and e-mail, or it’s one big, noisy, very uncomfortable mobile office. I’m guessing that many of us think of it as the latter, given that millennials were just dubbed the burnout generation for our inability to leave work. If you have to, here’s how to keep the iron in the fire after…


Super Bowl schedule: What’s happening the week before the game?

February 3, 2019

What’s going down before the Super Bowl? A lot, as it turns out. With the Pro Bowl and the festivities surrounding it in the rear-view mirror, it’s finally Super Bowl week. The Los Angeles Rams will face the New England Patriots from Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, Ga. on Sunday, but before that, there are a slew of events for those who will be hanging around the city as the championship…


How Races and Runners Can Make Everyone Feel Welcome Podcast 102

December 5, 2018

This episode is part 2 of my interview with the 300 Pounds and Running Podcast host on his viral article – An Open Letter to Race Directors from the back of the pack. Read the letter and see pictures at RunEatRepeat.com.  Last episode we talked about his weight loss and running journey going from unhealthy to couch to 5k and eventually running  a marathon. If you missed it – I…


Teru Teru Bozu: How to Stop the Rain in Japan

October 19, 2018

If you have a plan to travel, or go on a date, you don’t want it to be rainy. But what if the weather forecast said that it will rain? You will be very disappointed. But you still have hope! The Japanese sunshine lucky charm, Teru Teru Bozu(てるてる坊主; Teruterubōzu), will help you to pray for nice weather. It’s a cute doll made out of white tissue paper, which looks like…


11 Disney souvenirs that are actually worth it, according to former park workers

August 15, 2018

Matt Stroshane/Getty When you’re at the Disney parks, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of the fun and colorful merchandise lining the shops. From endless unique Mickey ears to T-shirts with your favorite character on them, the Disney parks are a treasure trove of souvenirs to bring home and remember your trip by. But instead of bringing home useless goodies that you’ll stash away and never use…