Three Life Lessons From Taraji P Henson's "Proud Mary"

I am a Taraji P. Henson fan. I love every character she has played, especially as Cookie in Fox's Empire. She always exhibits a level of sincerity, grit and tenacity as an actress. For me, her characters are always very relatable and multi-dimensional. She's like your favorite cousin, keeping it real auntie, friend that has your back. When I saw Sony / Screen Gems' thriller action Proud Mary last weekend,…

March 27, 2020

How a Survival of the Fittest Mentality Determines One’s Success in Life

Why do some people succeed and others don’t? Is success hard wired into the brain, or does this tendency arise via the events and experiences of our lives? Or is success a combination of both? I was first introduced to the subject of success and survival of the fittest in a sociology class, where my lecturer had drawn two boxes on the black board, the first box was labeled person…

March 24, 2020

Self-Defense for Survival Is Hand-To-Hand Combat When Your Life Depends on It

The time to prepare is before the need arises. Survival awareness, planning and preparation need to become a part of your daily life. This means knowing what could potentially cause you or your family harm. It could be a crime such as an attempted robbery, rape or kidnapping. It could be a natural disaster that causes otherwise nice neighbors to turn into hungry, desperate looters who try to break into…

March 2, 2020