ELE – Earth and Dark Matter

July 7, 2018

Written by Guest Contributor on The Prepper Journal. Editors Note: An article from Jaidev Parmer to The Prepper Journal. Did an “extinction level event” really kill the dinosaurs (and, as a result, inflict us with a never-ending series of Jurassic Park movies?) Mr. Parmer presents some very interesting scientific facts, a logical progression and supporting theory. It is a preppers vision that may be new to some of us. And, to…


Memorial Day 2018

July 2, 2018

Written by Wild Bill on The Prepper Journal. A gentleman named Owen A. King from our subscriber list sent me the following two quotes recently, the first, from one of my favorite authors, one I have heard repeatedly “dismissed” by intellectual progressives (currently working college professors teaching at UCLA), as “some obscure writer from the 1950’s”….grrr:  “(W)hen you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from…


Let Them Eat Cake

June 28, 2018

Written by Wild Bill on The Prepper Journal. As Preppers we must keep up with the events that will affect our lives and one in England is the icing on the cake. The spreading of the gooey, sickeningly sweet sugar coating over a real problem has once again been applied with the strokes of a government so clueless as to punish with a broad stroke its law abiding subjects as opposed to…