Make A Bug Out Plan – How to Maximize Your Survival Preparedness

It can be argued that making a Bug Out Plan is as or even more essential than having a Bug Out Bag packed, as one can escape mortal danger with or without a survival kit as long as they have a plan. Here we will focus on how to maximize our survival preparedness by examining how to execute a bug out or strategic evacuation. Some factors to consider before making…

February 19, 2020

Top 10 Books For Emergency Preparedness and Survival Training

Most families or individuals are overwhelmed by information when it comes to emergency preparedness. There are just hundreds of websites offering tips of emergency preparation, experts giving out advices and authors writing about survival. There are tons of things to learn and do in a short time. Don't be overwhelmed. Instead, we should be thankful that there are a lot of information in our fingertips, helping us become aware of…

February 14, 2020