How Races and Runners Can Make Everyone Feel Welcome Podcast 102

December 5, 2018

This episode is part 2 of my interview with the 300 Pounds and Running Podcast host on his viral article – An Open Letter to Race Directors from the back of the pack. Read the letter and see pictures at  Last episode we talked about his weight loss and running journey going from unhealthy to couch to 5k and eventually running  a marathon. If you missed it – I…


A new wave of progressive candidates is changing how we talk about environmental justice

September 2, 2018

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez unseated incumbent Democrat Rep. Joe Crowley in the primary for New York City’s 14th congressional district, she did so while running on a progressive platform centering on a host of issues including a deep-seated commitment to environmental justice. On her website, the 28-year-old calls climate change “the single biggest national security threat for the United States and the single biggest threat to worldwide industrialized civilization” in a…


Spotlight on green news & views: Trump regime out to butcher Endangered Species Act; rockhounds

July 23, 2018

This is the 566th edition of the Spotlight on Green News & Views (previously known as the Green Diary Rescue). Here is the July 14 edition. Inclusion of a story in the Spotlight does not necessarily indicate my agreement with or endorsement of it. OUTSTANDING GREEN STORIES Skellig Michael, Ireland cardinal writes—Dawn Chorus: Skellig Islands (Ireland): “My wife and I spent 16 days in Ireland in June, driving all the way…