Emergency Survival Kits Can Save Lives

Emergency survival kits should be found in every home. In addition, you should have one in your vehicle as well, especially if you are planning any extended driving trips. Having one of these kits in your home or automobile will give you piece of mind knowing that you have prepared for any emergency you and your family may encounter. We have provided a list of many of the things that…

March 30, 2020

Freezer Cooking – A Great Way to Save Money on Your Monthly Grocery Bill

Some people call this once-a-month cooking, once-a-week cooking, or freezer cooking.  The names may be different but the concept is the same.  You block out one day and do the bulk of your cooking for the designated time period.   This can really be a great money saver for those families who don’t feel like they have enough time to cook on weeknights and consequently eat out frequently. This is also great…

March 25, 2020