10 Stories of Big-Bust Shame from Hitting Puberty Early

August 10, 2018

Does hitting puberty early, and growing a bust early, contribute to sexual shame? All too often it can. A few weeks ago I asked on Facebook and Twitter for women’s experiences if they grew breasts early. The stories and comments were so sad! I just want to share some with you, and then leave you with some of my thoughts. So today, for Top 10 Tuesday, here are 10 themes…


A Store Clerk Broke Her Heart, But Then Her Mom Shared A Wonderful Message Online

June 3, 2018

When 13-year-old Lexi Harris went to Dillard’s department store in Wichita, Kansas, it was supposed to be an exciting day. She was going to try on dresses for her first school dance with her mother by her side, and the pair couldn’t be happier….until one miserable store clerk inserted herself into the situation. After Lexi tried on a decidedly grown-up dress just for fun, the clerk made a comment that…