Sony Officially Respond To Spider-Man Leaving MCU

August 24, 2019

Sony The relationship between Sony, Marvel and Spider-Man has always been a rather contentious issue. As the Avengers films demonstrated, Spidey belongs with his team of fellow superheroes, though he’s very capable on his own, too. However, like a divorced couple arguing for custody, the studios who own the intellectual property of the character can never quite decide what to do with him. We thought they’d reached an agreement, and…


Best 4K TV 2019: the Ultra-HD TVs you need to see to believe

June 26, 2019

Almost every television releasing to market these days is going to be a 4K TV, with a bucketload of pixels bringing increased clarity and detail to whatever it is you watch in your living room. But not all 4K TVs are created equal, and it may be hard to tell what are really the best 4K TVs out there. Each year new and improved models release to market, and our…