Lost At Sea Survival Guide | 7 Tips And Tricks For Ocean Navigation

July 2, 2019

Have you ever wondered what you’ll do if you find yourself lost at sea? Know how you can increase your chances of survival here! RELATED: Beach Animals To Watch Out For When On Vacation In this article: Survival at Sea Drink Water Build Shelter and Find Clothing Be Wary of Shark Attacks Search or Catch Food Look Out for Land Relax Signal for Help Lost at Sea: Surviving the Unknown…


Lavender Oil Survival Uses

June 1, 2019

Get to know some of the lavender oil uses and benefits as a go-to first aid treatment for a very long time! In this article: First Aid Bleeding Muscle Pains or Sprains Splinter Removal Insect Bites Insect Repellent Headaches Lavender Oil Uses: 7 Benefits of Lavender for Survival   Lavender Oil Uses and Benefits There are many lavender oil uses. And for an essential oil enthusiast like me, it comes…


Edible Insects You Can Consume When Stuck In The Wild

May 22, 2019

In the wild, you can survive by making a meal out of edible insects. You’ll be glad to know they are actually nutritious and could fill your protein needs. RELATED: How To Identify Edible Insects And Eat Like A King After TSHTF 7 Edible Insects to Survive Starvation Outdoors Eating Insects in the Wild Being stuck in the wild can make you think of crazy things like having insects for…


20 Survival Gardening Plants For Spring

May 11, 2019

Take advantage of healthy and nutritious harvest this spring with these plants for survival gardening. RELATED: Survival Gardening Hacks | Bringing It Back To The Basics Survival Gardening | Plants to Grow This Spring Nutritious Herbs to Grow Survival gardening is something to look forward to during the spring season. We recently posted tips on preparing your garden for the winter and now it’s time to get back to your…


Archery 101: Tips And Tricks For Beginners

May 5, 2019

Will you consider archery for self-defense and hunting? Read on to see how a bow and arrow might be essential for survival. RELATED: DIY Pen Bow: The Makeshift Weapon That Could Save Your Life In this article: Survival Archery 101 Survival Archery as Plan B Survival Archery – They Won’t Hear You Coming Survival Archery More Than Meets the Eye All About Archery and Its Survival Essence —This post is…