Design Milk Travels to… San Diego

November 25, 2018

Special thanks to Erin Dollar for helping put together this guide together. San Diego often flies under the radar… it’s tough to compete with LA just a couple hours away. The easy-going culture of the city extends way beyond the beach. This community has more to offer than just great weather and theme parks — San Diego, California has a vibrant developing art and design scene, and historical architecture to…


7 Things To Do On Your First Trip To Hoi An + Travel Tips

November 23, 2018

Watching the sunrise over green fields of rice, drops of dew making every plant sparkle in the early morning light. Riding bikes through an ancient town painted almost entirely in yellow, its streets strung with colorful lanterns and heavy with the scent of flowers. Relaxing on an uncrowded beach, raindrops creating dimples in the sand just beyond the protection of our bamboo hut while we read books and feast on…


A Scenic Weekend Travel Itinerary For Northern Ireland

August 11, 2018

Our last holiday as residents of the UK – ironically, I found choosing a destination for this trip as difficult as our very first. With so many places still unseen, I felt overwhelmed with choices. Wherever we chose needed to be special. Not necessarily elaborate or expensive, but certainly memorable. I’m sure a lot of places could have delivered that, but the one we kept coming back to was Northern…