Travel and Entertainment Expenses: Where Do You Draw the Line?

March 10, 2019

According to the Global Business Travel Association, U.S. business travel spending is expected to rise to nearly $267 billion in 2013. How much of that money will be yours? As travel fares climb while your company is being faced with a tepid economy, you’ll want to spend wisely. So what does that mean? The answer may be in your current cache of company expense reports. 1. Does spending correlate with revenue?…


Canadian Road Trip: Banff–Lake Louise

March 10, 2019

Hit the highway from Vancouver to Calgary this winter There’s a corner of this planet where deep powder skiing is the norm, goliath rocky peaks far outnumber the people exploring them and vast wilderness reigns supreme. It’s a place that should be on the bucket list of any skier that’s ever strapped a pair of wooden planks to their feet and slid downhill on slippery, frozen flakes. We’re talking about…


Taking a Photo Trip to Antarctica

March 9, 2019

When I found out I had the opportunity to travel to Antarctica, I couldn’t quite believe it. I should really start this story by thanking my mother: she’s had the travel bug her entire life, and eventually created a career for herself selling her experiences and knowledge. The same bug has allowed me to see the world from a very young age, and I learned quite quickly how much of…


The Best of Maison et Objet 2019

February 13, 2019

In a sprawling exhibition in Villepinte, 2910 brands presented their creations at this year’s Maison et Objet (January 18-22). This year’s exhibition was divided into “Maison” and “Objet” in separate sections to make the visitor experience more intuitive. From blue parrots to hourglass sand portraits to sinks that resemble Portuguese valleys, we bring you our picks from the fair. Photo by Cullen Fairchild Photo by Cullen Fairchild MOLO, led by…


Everything That’s Worth Drinking in New Orleans, According to Ashtin Berry

January 30, 2019

The American bar community is lucky to call Ashtin Berry one of its own. An industry veteran whose résumé includes the Ace Hotel New Orleans and Tokyo Record Bar and Air’s Champagne Parlor in NYC, Berry is also an in-demand speaker and unstoppable activist. Her most recent project is Radical XChange, a platform promoting equality in hospitality through events and forums like Resistance Served, a February 2019 symposium dedicated to Black…


Austrian Food Is DELICIOUS! – Food Tour in VIENNA AUSTRIA w/ The Travel Beans!

December 18, 2018

We’re going on an epic Austrian food tour! We’re in the beautiful city of Vienna with our buds Emma & Alex, a.k.a. the Travel Beans, and we’re on a mission to try all of the most delicious Austrian food we can find 😍🇦🇹🍽 Watch Emma & Alex’s video! (And don’t forget to subscribe to them!) Here are all the Austrian goodies from the video and the places we visited:…


Why It’s Okay to Gift Yourself for the Holidays

December 8, 2018

The holiday season has long been called “the most wonderful time of the year,” and in many ways, that’s true: it offers us a chance to reflect on the year behind us, look toward what’s ahead, and–if we’re lucky–take a few days off, steal away from our usual obligations, and either cozy up with people we love or enjoy some much-needed time alone. But for a lot of us, it…


A Real Time 4K Journey Around Earth from Orbit

November 27, 2018

  “Orbit” is a real-time reconstruction of time-lapse photography taken on board the International Space Station by NASA’s Earth Science and Remote Sensing Unit. The structure of the film is built around the world of Phaeleh’s last three albums: Lost Time, Illusion of the Tale, and Somnus. According to the creator, Seán Doran, the tone and pacing of each track influenced the choice of material used. Typically each time-lapse sequence…


Design Milk Travels to… San Diego

November 25, 2018

Special thanks to Erin Dollar for helping put together this guide together. San Diego often flies under the radar… it’s tough to compete with LA just a couple hours away. The easy-going culture of the city extends way beyond the beach. This community has more to offer than just great weather and theme parks — San Diego, California has a vibrant developing art and design scene, and historical architecture to…


AI and Machine Learning in Hospitality: Part I

November 23, 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are buzzwords getting a lot of mileage these days in publications across dozens of industries. Do they live up to the hype or are they just another fad? Well, let’s see how they have made an impact so far.   Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Travel Looking back, we’ve witnessed some big disruptions in the travel industry. When Expedia and were introduced…