Child Sex Offenders Could Face Life Behind Bars Under New Laws

September 5, 2019

PA/The Carly Ryan Foundation Child sex offenders could face life behind bars under a new legislation set to be introduced in Australian federal parliament next week.  It’s been revealed approximately one in three child sex offenders don’t spend any time in prison for their actions in Australia, but the new law would leave judges with no choice but to put paedophiles behind bars. Under the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Sexual Crimes…


Immigration panic: how the west fell for manufactured rage

From Trump to Orbán, politicians are winning votes by stoking age-old hatreds. Where does this fear of migrants come from? By Suketu Mehta The west is being destroyed, not by migrants, but by the fear of migrants. In country after country, the ghosts of the fascists have rematerialised and are sitting in parliaments in Germany, in Austria, in Italy. They have successfully convinced their populations that the greatest threat to…

August 29, 2019

Brazil Rejects £18 Million Pledge To Fight Amazon Fires

August 28, 2019

PA The Brazil government is set to reject more than $22 million (£18 million) pledged at the G7 summit to help fight the raging fires in the Amazon. The funding was announced yesterday (August 26) by French President Emmanuel Macron, who hosted the G7 summit and said the money would be released immediately – primarily for more fire-fighting planes. Brazilian officials did not immediately provide a reason for refusing the…


Mexican Court Approves Recreational Cocaine Use

August 22, 2019

Pixabay/PA Images A Mexican court has granted two people the right to use cocaine recreationally in the first ruling of its kind.  Mexico United Against Crime (MUCD), a non-governmental organisation which seeks to end the country’s war on drugs, filed legal papers in the case as part of its strategy to change the country’s drug policy. The court said it would not allow the claimants to sell cocaine but they…


Groom Saw 63 Wedding Guests Killed By ISIS Suicide Bombing

August 20, 2019

Shutterstock A groom says he’ll ‘never see happiness in my life again’ – after he witnessed 63 of his wedding guests, including his brother, massacred by ISIS in a suicide attack.  Mirwais Elmi was hosting a wedding reception in Kabul, Afghanistan, on Saturday, August 17, when a suicide bomber detonated a device. A second car bomb also exploded as ambulances alive, leaving 182 wounded among the dead. Elmi isn’t featured…


44 People Injured After Wave Pool Malfunctions Creating Tsunami

August 2, 2019

NewsFlare 44 people have been injured after a terrifying malfunction in a wave pool created a 10-foot tsunami. The incident happened at Shuiyun Water Park, a popular tourist destination in Northern China. Frightening footage shows pool goers screaming and swimming for their lives as the enormous wave rises, leaving the sides of the pool drenched. An injured, bloodied swimmer can be seen lying by the side of the pool in…


Donald Trump is the archetypal far-right charismatic leader. But his magic won’t last | Paul Jackson

The US president’s extreme rhetoric appeals to his supporters. But they will lose interest because his aims are unattainable First “Lock her up!” and “Build that wall!”, now “Send her back!”. Donald Trump’s record of using such slogans to normalise misogyny and stoke prejudice has become exhaustive, and ever more overtly racist. His Twitter feeds have even recycled content from extreme-right groups that historians of fascism like me consider deeply…

July 24, 2019