The FDA just approved a drug to treat smallpox in case of a bioterrorism attack — here’s why that scenario is so scary

Smallpox vaccine in vialREUTERS/Havakuk Levison

The FDA just approved a drug that could be used to treat smallpox.
The disease was officially eradicated in 1980, but experts are concerned that people could re-create smallpox and use it as a biological weapon.
Infectious disease researchers and bioterror experts say the world is unprepared for the emergence or release of a pandemic disease.

On any list of the most devastating diseases humanity has ever had to contend with, smallpox comes in near the top.

The contagious and potentially fatal disease is caused by the variola virus. It killed approximately 300 million people before mass vaccination campaigns made smallpox the first infectious disease to be eradicated from the wild in 1980.See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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