The Only Thing More Beautiful Than This Iceberg Is What You See Upon A Closer Look. Amazing.

Icebergs truly are one of nature’s most stunning sights, one that anyone would be lucky to see for themselves one day.

Lucky for us we live in the age of technology, so we get the next best thing to seeing them up close and personal. These incredible pictures of the icy, sleeping giants of the polar seas.

Icebergs really are stunning looking objects.

Just look how incredibly peaceful that looks.

Cold…but still, so peaceful.

Almost doesn’t even look real…

Whoa…you mean those were paintings all along?

And all done by hand?

Yep, all those incredible looking icebergs are in fact the works of talented artist Zaria Forman. She creates her incredible art using only pastels.

The project, titled ‘Chasing the Light’ was partly inspired by Forman’s childhood adventures with her family, when they used to travel to remote parts of the world for her mother’s career in fine art photography. Turning her attention to Greenland for this particular project, Forman followed in her mother’s footsteps, translating Greenland’s gorgeous towering icebergs into these incredible pastel drawings.

You can find more about Zaria Forman on Her Website and you should definitely Like her on Facebook.

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