There Are Lots Of Legit Questions Out There About Pregnancy, But These Are Too Funny!

When I have a medical question, the first place I usually go is the internet.

I have convinced myself that I have any number of very serious illnesses via WebMD, but one result comes up so often that it’s amusing: pregnancy. This is the case for many women seeking answers online because the symptoms of nausea, fatigue, vomiting, and others are also indicative of many other illnesses.

But there is such a thing as relying on the internet’s medical advice too much, and a prime example of that seems to be Yahoo! Answers and their total treasure trove of questions about pregnancy and reproductive health.

Check out these hilarious real questions on Yahoo! Answers about pregnancy, complete with comical misspellings and an enthusiastic narrator.


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I’m gonna suggest that if you think you’re “gregnant,” you see a doctor immediately. Just maybe not this guy.

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