These Newlyweds Got Photobombed By A Giraffe, And It Was Magical

You could say a highlight of one couple’s wedding day was very, very high.

On Saturday, newlyweds Luke and Tristan Karshagen were taking wedding party pictures at a game reserve at the Areena Riverside Resort in East London, South Africa, when a rather friendly male giraffe by the name of Abby happened to pop over to say hello.

Abby the giraffe freely roams the Areena Riverside Resort in East London, South Africa, and apparently gravitates to human visitors.

The moment was captured by Stephanie Norman of Stephanie Norman Photography, whose pictures have since gone viral. 

“He approached the group by popping his head over the trees and then walking over to us and sniffing the bridesmaids’ flowers,” she told HuffPost. “He was very relaxed and just incredibly inquisitive.”

At first, everyone was a bit shocked by the sudden appearance of the giraffe but soon realized that Abby “just wanted to know what was going on and was more than happy to just be part of everything,” she said.

“Everyone kind of scattered a bit to give Abby his space,” Norman said. “But then they were quite excited about this experience that they were having on their wedding day.” 

At one point, Abby even bent down and nuzzled the bride and groom as they posed for a picture. 

Just a little congratulatory nuzzle for the happy couple.

“We were all bubbling with excitement and continuing with photos as we chatted and laughed about how lucky we were, when Mr. Giraffe popped his head over the trees again,” Norman wrote in a blog post for Love What Matters. “He was really intrigued by those bouquets, and kept the bridesmaids in fits of giggles as they tried to hide their flowers from him. We all managed to get some selfies, and after a few more minutes, he stepped over all of us and made his way off into the setting sun.”

Norman called Abby a “gentle giant.”

Photographer Stephanie Norman snaps a selfie with Abby and the bridesmaids.

This sure sets a high bar for all future wedding photobombs.


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