This Poor Baby Survived A Horrifying Encounter With An Awful Person

While all stray animals suffer to some degree without a loving home, this sweet pup has had it worse than most.

Two-year-old Teresa was living on the streets in Thailand when she became the victim of a person who wanted to eat her. While trying to cut her head off, the cruel individual missed and brutally cut off part of her face. She was lucky enough to escape and get taken in by a local animal rescue, but they don’t have the means to get her the medical care she desperately needs or provide her with a home.

Fortunately, two New Jersey women — Michelle Weirich and Karen Quigley — are working together to bring Teresa to the U.S. to foster her and get her medical treatment.

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However, she will need an expensive oral surgery, which includes looking at nerve exposure, removal of broken teeth, accessing her nasal passage, dealing with tongue trauma, palate opening to examine nasal functioning, and anything else that might impact her future health. She’ll probably also need a second surgery to reconstruct her muzzle.

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In order to pay for her travel and medical expenses, Weirich and Quigley have set up a GoFundMe page with a goal of $7,000. They hope to bring her to the U.S. on January 28. In the meantime, she’ll be staying at the animal rescue in Thailand, where she is getting lots of love and care.

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Despite everything she’s been through, she’s learning to trust people again.