Three must have apps for backpacking around Canada

Our phones are utterly amazing and sometimes it is easy to forget that fact. There are like small computers in our pockets which gives us so many new opportunities, the ability to do so many things as well as the chance to improve our lives that many people never even imagined possible. They are calculators, they are games consoles, they are sat navs, they are cameras and they are even more.

Of course, this means that we take them everywhere, you never know when you might need your own pocket cinema or have to send a quick message to home. This makes them excellent travel companions and smartphones have changed everything about travel. Not only can they help get us around but they can also serve as our guides, they can help with translations and allow us to find the new coolest places to go.

It is wonderful what a difference they have made for travellers and with new technology coming to the market which can make travelling even easier there has never been a better time to take a trip. The google pixel buds, for example, allow you to speak in your language and translate it into another language which plays through your phone allowing you to have a two way conversation, it is just mind blowing.

Of course, for Canada, this is not so important as there are only two languages and most people can speak English, however there are some great apps which need to be one anyone’s phone heading to Canada. Apps to help you find places, apps to help you pass the time and apps to stay connected with home. Here are three of the best.

The Culture Trip

This online culture and travel magazine has a very easy to use and fun app, which has all kinds of articles and guides about places written by people local to the area. They have hub writers who write about their specific city and thus you only find out about the best, rather than the most touristy, places to go. You can search by city, by type of thing you are looking for or by the most read articles about a place. It is a great way to live like a local.

River Belle online casino

When you are on a long journey in Canada, be it a long bus ride or a train journey, you need something to pass the time and River Belle online casino has so many perfect casino games to play that you feel the journey just fly by. It has everyones favourite online casino games in an easy to use and fun package, thus allowing you to play whatever you want. They even have an $CA 800 free matched bet meaning you can play without worrying about losing money. The perfect app to fire up when you are on the move.

cycle montreal

Toronto Offline Map & City Guide with Metro

Toronto is a place that you have to visit but it can be hard to find your way around and it can be a little overwhelming. This app is great if you don’t have any data as it works without you needing to be online and makes sure you know where you are going when you are in one of Canada’s best cities.

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