Today I Love Autumn Flowers

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black eyed susans bloomingThe autumnal yard is full of rich colors

Today I love autumn flowers that choose this cooling time to be available to the pollinators that are readying themselves for hibernation or travel. I love how easy I can drop into falls routines in the last weeks of Summer. I love the colors that change from the pinks and blues to the rusty reds and the deep golds and the almost brown purples. I love that, like my hair that has changed to silver in the autumn of my life, the trees are starting to turn on the show that they’ve been storing up for, love that the reds and golds are starting to swell out of rich green canopies that gave us bits of shade in the heat of summers days. I love the point in To Kill A Mockingbird when they know where they are in the dark of night by the cool of the ground on their bare feet and so they realize they are under the tree and heading the right direction. I love how little things like that remind me of the adventures of my own childhood. I love how my childhood adventures never really stopped, they just became adult adventures, some with childish motivations and others perfectly adult in motivation but fraught with childish anticipation. I love that the childish heart in me thrives.

Today I love that it is Tuesday and though it is a cool day here in the wonderland of my home town, we will be going dragon boating tonight and I will be pleased to do that. I love the feel of that stalwart boat, the surge of it when the paddlers dig in, the way it slips so quietly through the water. I love finding my feet on the back deck, my hands on the steering oar, the way my mind clicks into surveying and planning the water and what will happen, like playing chess and looking ahead as many moves as I can.

Today I love that there are doughnuts still in a oily brown paper bag on the kitchen counter and I have decided that I get one when my blogs are done. I love that I get to write and then I get a treat because that’s like getting a treat for getting to do something that is already a treat for me. I love that the Ladies Mantle in the flower bed is still as fresh looking and still decorated with pearls of water beaded on it’s hems and flounces.

Today I love drinking coffee in the yard amid the floral wonder of the wonderland of my life.

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