Tricks Food Photographers Use to Make Food Look Delicious

Food photographers have an arsenal of tricks up their sleeves to make food look delicious on camera. And more often than not, these hacks make use of non-edible products that aren’t appetizing. Blossom has created an eye-opening video that reveals the dirty (sometimes literally) little tricks of food photographers.

Watch the 2.5-minute video here:

Here’s a rundown of the tricks shown in the video (watch the video to see how each one looks on camera):

Cardboard spacers add height to food
Motor oil is a syrup substitute that doesn’t absorb into pancakes
Toothpicks hold ingredients in place
Makeup sponge can add height to a burger
Vegetable oil adds a juicy look to meat
Glue is a milk substitute that doesn’t make cereal soggy
Dish soap creates longer lasting foam in fizzy drinks
Corn syrup and food coloring can create ice cream that doesn’t melt
Super glue repairs tears in bird skin
Browning liquid can be made to shoot raw birds without roasting
Shaving cream is used as whipped cream that doesn’t melt
Ramekins can be used to keep garnishes on the surfaces of soup
Tampons are soaked and microwaved to create steam

You can find more food photography hacks here, here, here, and here. You can also find more of Blossom’s videos on its YouTube channel and Facebook page.

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