Unspoken Power by Paul Mascetta

My name is Paul Mascetta and I am your very own Body Language & Influence Master Coach. I warmly welcome you to my humble home on the Web.

If you had the one thing that could potentially make your life better a hundred percent by giving you access to people’s true thoughts and emotions, would you grab it?

If you had the ultimate key to success, influence and persuasion, would you be interested in finding that key and keeping it for yourself?

You might be wondering why I’m asking you these questions, but give me a 2 minutes and I can explain to you everything you need to know about persuasion, influence and most importantly, human communication.

Have you ever wondered why motivational speakers and other similar professionals are just so good in communicating with others?

With a single word or a single wave, these individuals can seize the passion and interest of others at such a high level that even after they have spoken, their power of influence remains with the audience.

In fact, you can have some or all of these things and still have no ability to persuade and communicate with people to achieve your most cherished goals in life.

Current research shows that human communication occurs in three distinct levels – and unfortunately, verbal communication is just one level of the whole communication process.

If the spoken word is just 30% of the message, where did the 70% go? The remaining 70% of any idea, thought or emotion expressed during a face to face conversation is actually expressed through the myriad of gestures, facial expressions, positions and movements that a person uses when he is trying to communicate something to people.

That means if you don’t know how to read body language, you are actually missing a whopping…

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