What Is Your State’s Most Popular Design Style? Google Knows!

It’s amazing what you can find in an afternoon of playing with Google Trends. The site hosts a wealth of information if you know what to look for — even the most popular design style by state, according to what people are searching for.

Luckily, Pots, Planters & More did most of the heavy lifting. The retailer analyzed recent Google search trends in each state to compare them to “national search volume averages.”

most popular design style

The most popular design styles tend to happen in state clusters. Image: Pots, Planters & More

What design styles are in — and out?

The most popular design style this year is bohemian chic. Eclectic, exotic and vibrant describe it perfectly — and 14 states are smitten. Scandinavian design (11 states) and farmhouse style (10 states) follow in popularity.

bohemian design style

Eclectic elements and plenty of plants mix to create a bohemian look. Image: Front + Main

Victorian design is out, falling completely off the map, and Kansas is the only state keeping minimalism alive. It looks like Americans want a casual design style with a maxi vibe, reinforcing boho chic’s popularity.

Surprisingly, while mid-century modern is popular, it doesn’t top any state’s most-searched list; most states opt for Scandinavian or modern instead.

Here’s a closer look at your state’s most popular design styleIndiana, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, PennsylvaniaMost popular design style: Art Decoart deco design style

Art Deco style is polished and elegant and features soft, curved lines. Image: Sulo Development

Alaska, Delaware, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, West Virginia, WyomingMost popular design style: bohemian chic

The most popular style, bohemian, features a mix and match of color, texture and exotic references. Image: Elle Decor Spain

Florida, New Jersey, VirginiaMost popular design style: coastalmost popular interior design styles

Blues and whites rule in coastal design. Patterns make use of whimsical references to the ocean, like starfish and seashells. Image: Coastal Living

Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississipi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, TennesseeMost popular design style: farmhousefarmhouse decor style

Farmhouse design is alive and well, thanks to the popularity of Chip and Joanna Gaines‘ show, “Fixer Upper.” Image: Home Depot

KansasMost popular design style: minimalist

Minimalist design focuses on a monochromatic color theme and large open spaces featuring only the most necessary furnishings. Image: Italian Bark

Ohio, Oregon, Utah, VermontMost popular design style: modern

Modern design is an updated version of mid-century modern, with clean lines, timeless neutral colors and lots of wood detail. Image: Markel Design Group

California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nevada, New York, Texas, Washington, WisconsinMost popular design style: Scandinavian

Scandinavian design is popular because of its crisp white spaces and organic-feeling wood elements. It’s a favorite design style for growing families. Image: My Scandinavian Home

Arizona, New MexicoMost popular design style: Southwestpopular design styles

Southwest style has an earthy feel incorporating American-Indian artifacts and textiles. Image: Lynda Louden Interiors

Most design-oriented statesdesign map

Many of the most design-focused states are in the northern part of the country. Image: Pots, Planters & More

Pots, Planters & More took the most popular design style info to the next level. It analyzed the search volume by state to determine who spends the most time searching for design info. According to that resesarch, here are the most design-curious states:

AlaskaCaliforniaColoradoNorth DakotaOhioVermontWyoming

What do you think of this data? Do you identify with your state’s design style?

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